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Pieces of Eight is a family owned and operated gift store opened in 1971. We offer an extensive bridal registry and stationery department as well as gifts for all occasions, plus a great selection of unique Cajun and Louisiana themed gifts.

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Annamarie Hall at Olivia Riegel
January 25, 2021
We're excited to introduce you to some new faves:  

Whimsical meets glamorous in the textured, silver finished Christopher 5" x 7" Frame.  It's embellished with hand-set multi-colored iridescent glass beads and European crystals (Also available in gold).

Harlow showcases our artisans' attention to detail through its hand-enameling and swirled hand-set clear European crystals, in silver finished pewter.  Both ...Read more of post

Image of flower bouquet

January 25, 2021


Regan and Jeffrey just opened a wedding registry with us. We look forward to serving them in their special journey together.

Message our wedding specialists for tips and suggestions or call: 337-232-8827

January 24, 2021

Amy & Robert recently celebrated a 1st anniversary ~ Congratulations!

Planning a wedding? Open a wedding registry with us. It's free.
Neil Peters picture
Neil Peters at Carmel Ceramica
January 21, 2021
Image for Chalk 20418
Carmel Ceramica brand logo
Featured Products From Post:
Cozina serving pieces and dinnerware from Carmel Ceramica fits with your everyday, casual lifestyle.  Beautifully crafted stoneware from Portugal, Cozina matches your world.

January 19, 2021

A Registrant Shared a Review:

"LOVE that I can have a registry with Pieces of Eight! The perfect place to get the special gifts we want to have with us to start our lives in our new home!"
~Sarah Elizabeth Williamson in Louisiana

January 18, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"Really easy to order online & know the bride & groom receive a beautifully wrapped, special gift!"
~Elizabeth Walden in Alabama

January 17, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"Pieces of Eight is a slice of shopping heaven. So glad Anna and Michael are registered here. Not only is it easy, I know the presentation and care of their gifts and registry will be first class."
~Deborah Terribile Stewart in Texas

January 17, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"Pieces of Eight made it extremely easy to view and select a bridal gift from the couple’s registry."
~Sharon Griffith in Louisiana
Calendar Image

January 17, 2021

Ali & Mikie recently celebrated a 1st anniversary ~ Congratulations!

Planning a wedding? Open a wedding registry with us. It's free.

January 16, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"Always a big fan of Pieces of Eight. This online registry was convenient and I knew everything would be taken care of because of years of experience with your business. Thanks for the peace of mind!"
~W. in Louisiana

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